Internet Television Merger

The way technology is being utilized today has forced technology to change and adapt. Viewers are moving away from their Televisions to their computer screens. Nielsen//Net Ratings (March 2007) calculated the number of Internet users in the United States as 208,907,282. Between 2000 and 2007 Internet users increased in the US by 25.1% or 84,907,282 users. The merging of the World Wide Web and Television has created a "new entity" and a "new age." This new entity brings the static information of .com and the dynamic flow of television on .tv channels together. This new age allows users to have more tangible and engaging experiences.

The merging of the Internet and Television has given birth to Internet Television Channels (ccTLD .tv). An Internet .tv channel is a necessary foundation in the creation of a Global Web Presence. These .tv channels must deliver to users what they expect: video, and engaging interactive media. These .tv's need to be synchronized with the established functions of the .com's. A .com and .tv are structured differently and when used in tandem are natural complements.

What will the .tv add to the already established functions of the .com? The .tv is the missing half necessary to build your own world and Global Web Presence within the Internet. Only a .tv channel frees you from the constraints and costs of advertising on traditional Television. Utilizing a .tv channel will give you freedom of expression and unlimited marketing opportunities. Unity 4 Humanity, Inc. is pioneering, creating, and shaping the world of Internet Television Broadcasting and Dot TV Channels. U4H, Inc.'s Dot TV Guide lists developed and undeveloped .tv channels. Dot TV on Demand showcases developed .tv channels that allow users to watch what they want, when they want.

Dot TV & Global Recession

Today all over the globe people are losing their jobs, others are tightening their belts, corporations are downsizing, corporations are cutting charitable giving, many corporations are filing for bankruptcy, and the global economy continues to spiral downward. America is undergoing a significant transformation and has created a climate of “change.” With all that said, Unity 4 Humanity, Inc. (U4H) continues to grow, engage in humanitarian endeavors, remains undaunted, and is actively creating, structuring, and defining the Dot TV Channel Industry during its “golden age.”

Anthony Galima, CEO of U4H is a true technological genius and has built a corporation implementing today what will be commonplace tomorrow. As the 1st corporation to heavily invest in .tv domains and structure the industry, U4H is strongly positioned to lead the future of "Television" as it will be commonly understood.

Historically speaking, since 1927 the public embraced “talkies” commonly referred to today as “motion pictures.” In 1929 when the bottom fell out of the global economy bankrupting millions of people and prompting mass unemployment, Hollywood entered its “golden age.” During the Great Depression between 60 and 80 million Americans went to the movies once a week and most Depression films were grounded in the social realities of the time. In 1930 motion-picture attendance reached a then all time high and the public’s desperate need for diversion allowed Hollywood to thrive while the rest of the world’s global industries collapsed.

During America’s Great Depression people flocked to the cinema in unprecedented numbers and today a parallel phenomenon is taking place. The World Wide Web is becoming increasingly more accessible, web content is becoming more video-centric, and video is a “low priced” if not “free” “depression-proof” amusement for Internet users. Like the Cinema of the Great Depression, Dot TV Channels are not only grounded in social realities, but in many cases comprised of “reality television.” Like the Cinema of yesteryear, Dot TV Channels are re-energizing individuals providing engaging, informative, and entertaining outlets. Unlike Hollywood pictures and traditional television, today’s technological age of Content Management Systems (CMS), hand-held Internet gadgets, high speed Internet connectivity, and the Internet Television merger have allowed Internet users to create and share video content as well as allowed Unity 4 Humanity, Inc. and Dot TV Channels (in a general sense) to re-vitalize businesses.

For many reasons today’s economic recession has acted as a catalyst to the Dot TV Industry. In the past two months Unity 4 Humanity, Inc.’s core team has located more developed unique .tv domains than they have in their research over the past three years. It is no coincidence that while we are in a serious recession, the demand for and creation of new media has gone up exponentially.